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    *breathes life back into forum*

    Having been a lazy bugger over the past, say, year or so, I've decided to start mapping again for reals; this time with a defusal map for CSGO.

    My main focus is on height variation, as you can probably tell, so in A, for example, you can plant both on top and underneath for added unpredictability, but generally the whole map has height variation up the wazoo.

    Theme-wise, it's set in a rather cold shipping dock. Or something like that. You know, lots of snow, industrial stuff, all that jazz. I'm trying to make sure all the locations in the map make sense within the context of the real-world. I know a lot my TF2 maps make no goddamned sense and it's a bad habit I needed to break.

    Anyway, enjoy.
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    Liking that geometry man, looks like it's gonna play nicely. One teensy tiny bit of criticism, those streetlights on the corner look weird so close together. When and where will you be playtesting this?
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    1) I thought drp removed this forum last night.

    2) You should post it here