KotH Ice Bound Inferno

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    This is a portion of my long awaited CTF Icebound Inferno Map converted to a KOTH Map. This features The Communication Towers Area from Metal Gear Solid 4.

    *To give a chance to other die hard MGS Fans!*
    This map will feature custom content within the map itself made by the rest of the community as my way to give support and these people will be in the development credits special thanks. these items will also be in the final CTF release as well.

    The Map will feature:
    The Infiltrationer's Headgear for the Magistrate's Mullet by Skooge
    The Grey Fox Mask for the Fedora by Dement
    Vulcan Raven Tattoos for the Heavy By BadassFrekingOverloard
    Boss Man's Beret for Bills Hat by Uriyu
    Regain for the bottle by Game Freak
    Cardboard Box for the Disguise Kit by Dement
    The Fury for The Brigade Helm by Mr_ru
    Soldiers Leather Jacket by Svdl

    Just comment on the map I don't care otherwise I just want feedback.
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    Icebound inferno? Is that like frozen fire?

    Bad jokes aside..
    • The snow looks like it could be a tad distracting. You could maybe make it a little more transparent.
    • I'm having trouble finding ideal sentry positions.
    • Trees are not good for cover.
    • Add some stuff so it isn't so open. I see Snipers dominating everyone here, and Pyros might have some trouble.

    Just some thoughts from looking at the screenshots.
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    Quick note, don't make a new thread when you update your map. Just update the old thread and/or bump it :)