I was just scared witless

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    Much of Illinois, including Chicago, is being hit by various storms. Of course I turn off my computer the second we start getting intermittent blackouts. I turn it back on a few hours later, and my main games hdd has simply vanished. I thought 'no biggie'. It's a new mobo, the surge protector is actually getting some use, etc. So I reboot, and my E drive has magically partitioned itself in half! D: I couldn't access Steam, or any of my TF2M admin files. Now I'm freaked out. All of my hardware tweaking was wiped out as well. So to calm my nerves, I reclocked my cpu back to 2.7 and reset my BIOS configs. Upon booting, the hdd is back in full :D However, I am currently making a backup of all my main Steam files (maps, admin stuff) to my new and much better condition hard drive. The moral of the story; don't forget to make copies of important stuff.
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    That sucks, all I lost was about 1 minute of work in hammer. Storming all day as well, I wanted to go out side but you know Chicago. ;) Also thats why I have a 1TB that is contently backing up everything.
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    Every map of mine that DOES have the likelihood of being finished tends to lose several weeks' worth of progress due to some horribly inconveniently-timed anomaly with my hardware. The moral of the story; DROPBOX!
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    Yes. Dropbox is epic win.