i want to make a cube aquarium

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    i just started with hammer the other day, i easily got the hang of it, im making a ctfmap but i dont know how to make water that moves, i need it just a cube with plants and maybe a fish with the top open because im thinking of making it into the capture zone. if anyone could tell me how to make an aquarium with glass sides that would be awesome, thanks.

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    Well, you can even make the glass breakable on capture.
    First, make an aqaurium.
    Than, in there you make an water brush.
    In the same place as the water brush you make an capture zone, i hope you know how to make them:
    http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/TF2/Flag_Based_Goal_Systems for an tutorial
    Than select your Aqaurium, press ctrl+t and select func_breakable, name it Breakaqblu
    Set strenght to 0.
    Now click your Capturzone brush
    Press ctrl+t (tie to entity) than select: func_capturzone, go to the outputs tab,
    now make an output, and select on:
    My Output named: Onbreak
    Target entities named: Breakaqblu
    Via this imput: Break

    There you have it, when someone caps the glass breaks, and an extra point will be added.
    If you want to make your glass respawn you should look at this thread:
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    If you want your water to move, you have to make your nodraw brush, then ctrl+t and make it into a func_water_analog. Then you texture the top side of the brush only with either nature/water_movingplane, or nature/water_dx70. You can now parent this to a door and trigger it in the way you want (don't forget to tick the silent door flag otherwise it sounds stupid!)

    The problem I've found is that if you look at the water from the side, well you don't see anything special, it looks like people in there are flying. The way I've done it is to use tinted blue glass to make it look like water.

    I'm not sure this is the only way, but it's the only way I've found. If anyone has any better ideas, I'm all ears!
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    thank you. yeah if not seeing from the side becomes a problem ill probably put walls over those sides, and if anyone can figure that out that would be grand.