I want sheen not Shiney - Floor Texture Problems

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    Hey Guys,

    I wanted to use the tile texture for parts of my current project but I cant get them to look right once cubemaps have been built. I have some cubemaps approx. 16 units from the floor surface and have builtcubemaps etc in game but am still getting this problemL See below for images of what I mean:




    The map is nowhere near complete but I just wanted to add some shine to surfaces etc so I can get an idea of what it may look like, also for testing on coltsplayground.

    Theres times in the past that I have wanted to use these textures but due the above problems I have given up and found other textures to use but now I really want to use these and am sure its something silly.

    I want a slight sheen on the floor, instead of either matt or mirror, what can I do to get this look. Basically I would like it to look like the intel rooms floor on 2fort.

    Any help will be gratefully received :)


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    Those seams are because of the way that faces are assigned the cubemap closest to them. You'll want to put some break in the texture to hide the seam (the metal floorstrip texture works well), or just have one cubemap for all the floors, assuming all the areas with the tile floor look pretty much the same and have uniform lighting. Just go into a cubemap entity, and go to the "faces" keyvalue, click pick, then select all the floor faces.
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    As a precautionary measure you could lower your lighting levels. 2fort's basment is pretty genericly lit. There's no real bright light source, the attention is taken away from the floor by pretty "sprites", prop servers on the walls and prop rooms.

    Though i dislike how dark the hallways outside and even inside the flag room are, it works in detracting from cubemap glitches like this.

    A combination of a trim to break each floor surface up as Altaco suggested and a lowering of light intensity should help clean things up. Try his first though and see if you need to change the lights later.