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    Hello, I think. I'm alkaL1ne, but I take it that having it mentioned right next to this point makes it a bit obvious about who I am. Anyway, I've been playing TF2 for some... 4 years now, I think. I tried making maps early on, even before the Steampipe update. Never really got on with them, but they were my first experience with game design in general. I headed towards making some modifications for myself for games such as FTL: Faster than Light and Civilization V. Recently, after my computer nearly crashed and I had to format it, I got back into TF2. After a few months, I decided to come back here and see what had changed in mapping. Turns out, I was completely blown away.

    Recently, I finished a map that I thought would be interesting, thanks to reading a few too many tutorials and remembering some basics such as minimal scaling, as well as Crash's TF2 Mapping Tutorials (shoutouts to him, they helped me get back into mapping relatively quickly). I probably will be posting it and trying to get it on a gameday.

    Sorry if I sounded a bit stuck up, I'm a fair bit nervous right now. Heh.

    So, yeah, hi folks!
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    Don't be nervous! No need. We got everyone here from all skill levels, and from all over!

    Welcome to the community, and can't wait to see what you've made!
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    Welcome to the community! Glad my tutorials helped get you back on your feet!
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