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    Was watching 50 to 1 Movie Quotes and that was in the 30s; kinda made me that bit sad because I love that quote.

    Anyway! Introductions, I thought I should probably make one, seeing as I usually never make one when I join a new forum.

    But, I'm The Gargomon as my username appears to have made it's self. I've been looking into mapping in the last few months, experimenting on and off and I really do love the design aspect of it, love creating architectural drafts of new maps I have in mind though the effort of compiling those ideas into an actual map escapes me and I can usually never get it down too well.

    But I'm only new and it takes time; when I get there, I'll be flying though.

    Lately I've been excelling at making my own textures though, working on some inside textures through the recent weeks for a neutral building I had in mind... And it's been a bit tedious, but seeing them in action have been great.

    Other than that, I'm a student myself, still on holidays till February where I'll be going back to the painful world of Psychology.

    There's myself in a nutshell right there. Still no idea why I posted this though...
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    I'm an Astronomy and Astrophysics Major myself. So I feel the pain.

    Welcome to the forums! I can't wait to see some of these textures you have created. If you want you can post them here. You'll get some feedback and people might even use them in there own maps.

    Again, Welcome!
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    Click the image to get more info about mapping! [​IMG]

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    Would love to see your work so far, and i hope that you can finish a map soon. Generally your first map is a complete disaster, but thats the same for everyone who's ever mapped, YM, Fr0Z3n, even (believe it or not) me. Though when you've finished that one, it's a lot easier to know what you have to be doing, and the more you map, the more you learn and the better you become.

    Anyway, once again, welcome to the forums, have a look around, ask questions and enjoy mapping.