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    Hi, I'm Magical Potato/The Magic Potato/Die magische Kartoffel. I've been working on maps for a good bit now (like 3 months), and I have actually been here for a good bit. I never introduced myself formally, so here it is.

    I frequent the Steam Chat, and am overall decent at mapping. I'm a really lazy mapper: I often joke around that I am done with a day's work after I add a single prop. I actively play TF2, and have clocked over 400 hours of it in the past 6 months. My most frequented class is Engineer, of which 100/130 hours are spent building lvl 1 sentries (I'm telling you, they're freaking chaos in a machine!). When I'm not fragging with lvl 1 sentries, I'm in the chatroom explaining how to divide by zero and take logarithms of negative numbers.

    My favorite map so far is a tie between cp_oilfield and cp_desertfortress (Bite me >_>). My favorite Valve map is cp_well, and I like Turbine more than Steel and Fastlane.

    Yeah, we're definitely going to get along. Oh, and don't diss the lvl 1. Trust me, those things can be deadly.

    Oh, and I'm an active member of the voogru.com community. Thought I'd throw that out there.
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    Holy crap man, I've played 150 hours in a full year. :p

    Anyway, welcome to our forums.
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    Dig the avatar!

    It's good to mess around with hammer when you start, you get to learn things quicker that way. I didn't undertake my first map untill i had about 3 months of buggering around in the software under my belt.

    Making 2 rooms with a window between them, a button in the middle of one whilst the other was filled with vortigants; and wadda ya know! The button causes a huge explosion and thousands of gibs..