i need to make KOTH from scratch.

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    i'm working on a project that's a bit over my head at the moment, and i need to make a koth point that doesn't actually use a control point entity.

    i am making a map which has 5 game modes that cycle randomly. KTF, soccer, CTF, and PLR all work with what i am trying to do, but the way the standard KOTH maps works, the control points conflict.

    players earn points for their team by completing objectives, these points are tracked by a PLR hud, and by two "progress bars" off in the skybox. i need a KOTH setup which triggers an event, not a round win.

    are there any prefabs of KOTH maps that were made before the "classless update"?
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    This is the closest thing I can think of....

    the domination game mode kinda acts like koth, Im sure you could modify it suit your needs.


    I think the only output at roundwin, is roundwin when you envoke the koth game mode.
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