i need help with source demos

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    How can i use free camera view in the demos i recorded while playing(with "record xxx"/"stop" commands)?
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  2. Cameron:D

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    The best way to probably look around for some tutorials. It is rather complex.
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    I'm working on a beginner and intermediate demo/smoothing tutorial specifically for TF2, so hopefully I'll be able to answer any questions you have with that.

    Anyways, whenever you load up a demo (in console: playdemo "your_demo_name_here_without_quotes") type Shift+F2 to load up the handy demoui tool. Think of it as your remote control for viewing the demo.

    In order to move freely in the demo, you need to press the "drive" key. However, unless you where in spectate, your entire player model will move with you, as you will are unable to see yourself in a demo aside from the firstperson and thirdperson viewpoint.

    As Cameron:D said, demos can be pretty complex, and they are very very unstable. Feel free to PM me with any other questions though. Also let me know if none of this makes any sense and I'll try to clear it up for you.
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    If you want to cleverly do things and see everything in the map, try and grab a Source TV demo, not a POV demo. POV demos will only render stuff around YOU, and not the rest. That makes them a lot harder to fool around with.