I need a Laptop!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by littleedge, Jul 14, 2012.

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    So guys. I need a laptop for college. I'm terrible at buying things like these, so I need your suggestions. I plan to use it for the following:

    School work
    Enjoyment when away from my dorm room (Streaming stuff, TF2, Hammer)

    I also would prefer something on the cheaper side. I don't really want to spend over a grand. Would much rather spend under $750. Also, Around 17" screen would be fantastic.

    Any suggestions?

    I don't plan on using it for anything more extensive than TF2. I'll have my Desktop in my dorm for video games and stuff.
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    I don't think you can spend $750 and get a decent gaming laptop.

    I just bought this top laptop for someone and he loves it, it's working pretty well for him. That's my advice, get it while you can still get the rebate.
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    I still recommend getting a netbook for school stuff, and keeping the desktop to games.

    Not too sure that is true. I got an Asus laptop with a good Nvidia Card, good ram for $650. Ran TF2, Guildwars, Half life and a lot of other things very well. So with that, I suggest looking at Asus.

    I also highly recommend NOT getting an HP. Of all the people I know who have an HP, they all hate them. They do not work at all, especially if you want to game with them. Stick with either Asus or Toshiba.

    (I suggest Toshiba because they have solid computers, but are also the only company to have better customer service that Asus)