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Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2 Talk' started by Mar, May 22, 2009.

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    While most of the top dogs here never play comp play, this is call to all the ones that do.

    My clan has gone from having 3 teams with +60 active members to going completely inactive due to many reasons, but chiefly people left for smaller, tighter knit, and better run 6 man teams.

    So as of this Friday I am officially leaving my clan |AoC| behind and once again, I'm a bachelor.

    My call to my fellow comp is that I need an active team or a clan to play on over this summer. Do you guys know any?
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    2fort2furious, my clan. It is not so much of a clan it is more of a drunk frat party. (alltalk, party mode) Comp play on 2f2f almost NEVER happens. However, it great server to unwind in. Also they do not mind crude sexual jokes... :p

    Link: http://2fort2furious.com/
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    hmm, I kinda wanted to start one a while back...

    But nah, I digress. Go take a month-long break from a team while looking for others. When you find players that you enjoy to play with, you have found your team.

    That's how I got into PRJ and oddly enough E2N.
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    hey, if you add me on steam, I could get you in contact with a few people who I know, who are recruting, they're pretty dedicated to clan play, but are rather low leauge when it comes to playing. so; I dunno if you'd wanna join them, but I'm pretty sure they'd be happy to check you out as it were.