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    This net_graph 3 shows huge packet loss, right?

    I'm rubberbanding like crazy in TF2.


    I searched the internets, really, all of it, and I couldn't find a clear explanation of this latest net_graph. They're all showing older versions that are different. The bottom portion especially.

    I get the same results when on lower ping servers, the gaps are just narrower.

    My rates:
    rate 30000
    cl_cmdrate 100
    cl_updaterate 100
    cl_interp 0.1

    I tried a rate of 50000, cmdrate at 66 and updaterate at 66, interp at 0.01...

    No dice.

    I'm NOT on a wireless network. Plugged-in a nice linksys router that has default factory settings (with disabled wireless capabilities) that ran perfectly fine when on XP.

    This started happening ever since I got Win7 64bit.

    What could cause this?

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