I have been off for a long time

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    Well I forgot if this is the correct thread to put in off topic. If not.. change it, please.
    Well, Ric guy, seems to be off on Steam for actually about 2 months.
    Well it is bad, I haven't mapped for a long time, might have forgotten how do I map.. this actually seems pretty stupid.. I lost my steam password.. I dunno how the hell I lost it also i can't retrieve it back because I also forgot the secret question.. :| I contacted to valve about 3 times they did not give any answers. I miss the community. I miss the people I talked too. This pherhaps is the end of ric.. in Steam community...? I dunno...
    Well I could get help from any of you, I might need the correct valve email so I can contact that I really lost my password. I really miss you TF2maps.net. I really do.. :(
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    When i lost my steam password i followed an account retrieval process over on steampowered. Basically to prove you own the account they want a scan of a retail copy of a Valve game showing the CD key (I used my copy of HL1).

    They reset my password for me.