I can't use the XYZ or 3D views in TF2 Hammer

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    Hammer looks like this for me right now

    There's a bunch of white lines there and it makes it so that I am unable add blocks or move the camera. I tried switch to the various views but that also didn't work, I'm not sure if I accidentally clicked a button but it was working a few months ago so I'm not sure what happened...

    I had uninstalled TF2 a while back so I figured I had messed with the pathway somehow, so I remade the steam shortcut but that still didn't work, I verified TF2's game files and that also didn't work, I am no beginner to Hammer so I'm used to weird bugs like this, I can usually find a solution online but I literally couldn't, I make GMod maps and HL2 mods and those versions of Hammer work just fine, it's just TF2's version that's acting up.

    I would add a compile log to help but uh, there's nothing to compile.
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