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    So, my map is almost ready for a new release, but I can't manage to optimize it to get a higher fps. Currently I'm only getting around 50, and it jumps to 100 every second or so for a millisecond.

    I have lots of props, but they have fade distances. A fair few particle effects, which I'm going to try and minimize again in a minute. My friend helped add some areaportals, but that didn't seem to increase fps. I tried to add some more and now no areaportals work. (Areaportal touches more than two areas error) Even after deleting my areaportals, it still didn't work.

    So I turned them all into skip/hints for hopes sake, still nothing. I have a few skip/hints already, again did not improve fps.

    I have no leaks, tried occluders, areaportals, hint/skips etc, none seem to have any effect.

    Any help appreciated, thanks.

    EDIT: Just compiled without any particles and still no increase.
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