I am VeryBad at alot of things.

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    Let me see, about me... I am here because I recently watched a few tutorials on Hammer on YouTube. After realizing how much it reminded me of AutoCAD, and to a much lesser extent SolidWorks. So I thought I'd try my hand at it, and boy do I wish it were parametrically driven like SolidWorks. So keep this in mind as I ask my noobish mapping questions. I am in no hurry to make a released playable map in the next year or so, but plan instead to work on case studies for sections of a map I would like to make.

    As for my favorite class, from day one Medic has been my favorite TF2 class.
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    Neato. I took EE classes and AutoCAD once. My brain melted a little, lol. Well you've certainly come to the right place:) Our tutorial section is freaking amazing, and there's always someone in Steam chat who can answer quick questions. Welcome to the group m8!