i am looking for ways to improve fps on my map

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    i am looking to improve fps on my map one guy told me and i really appreciate it that my map has low fps (18-20 ) he told me about optimization
    i have placed nodraw pretty much everywhere not visible except from ground for obvious reasons
    i used func_detail to some buildings on detail and yea
    some props are not solid
    and the ground its just one layer i mean if you see it from underneath its like there is nothing and you can see the players and evem shoot them ( i hope you understand what i mean)
    what else can i do to improve the fps even more on my newest version i am working?
    please feel free to tell me down below
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    This page will tell you everything you need to know about optimization. I know it's long, but optimization isn't easy, and you usually have to design your map specifically to be well-optimized, instead of making whatever you want and trying to optimize it later.
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