I am a map developer (TUAAM)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Tuaam, Jun 27, 2015.

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    Why would you make a map if "absolutely nobody has the right to use this map without my permission"? Telling people they must email you just so they can use the map will make those people not want to bother.

    If you want TF2Maps to test your map, you must submit it to a gameday, which are held every Saturday. You should also make a map thread so you can track your progress as you develop the map and so you can add more pictures. We'll also be able to post feedback in the thread, which we can't do on a downloads page.

    Welcome and good luck iterating!
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    Hey, welcome to the community!

    To answer some questions from your download page, you can block out-of-bounds areas with playerclip brushes, and RED shipping containers are already available as skins - just open its properties and change the skin from 0 to 1 (many team-colored props have multiple skins like this).
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    Welcome to TF2maps.net. We would be happy to test your map but you gotta hang out in the Steam chat room to see about getting it tested in an impromptu test. We don't run scheduled tests, outside of the game day tests on Saturday, but even then only five maps are guaranteed to be tested.

    Impromptus can happen twice a day - once for EU region times, once for US times (though there is no limit, it depends how many maps need testing and if there is a staff member happy to host).

    Any help you need, feel free to post a thread.