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    howdy all,

    I'm spec-tro-phage, and started playing TF2 almost 2 years ago now. Demoman is my most played character, followed by Engineer and Sniper. For the record, I'm an old gamer, as the Pong TV console is where my at home gaming began.

    I run a TF2 dedicated server at home for LAN parties with my friends and family. This has prompted many requests for more maps, which has lead me to this site.

    I've taken a shine to building bot navs for my dedicated server, as it's more fun to play with 24 slots occupied, human or not.

    I'm a mapper wanna-be at this point, as my digging into TF2 is really just budding now, so that is becoming my next obsession. :laugh:
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    Oh hey, and yeah I share the same perspective where having bots seemed more cool than having nobody else. I ran a custom maps server that had 6 bots on all the time but if playercount went above 18/24 they would start diminishing by 1 with each new player join, some bot quota command. They weren't memorable players but they did indeed make it feel less lonely, slightly.

    Also I think my class play time ratios are nearly the same as your's.

    Anyway, welcome to the site!
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    Hi there! Your top three classes are basically my three worst.