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    Hey everyone!

    Im brand new to these forums, so i was introducing myself!

    I just started a TF2 map during my school break & I've looked to this website a few times to help!

    for favorites...
    class is probably a demo for defense & offense, great for nade jumping, defending, taking out sentries, etc... (an ubered demo is the unstoppable!)

    favorite map is probably dustbowl, i just love the old fashioned bloodbaths sometimes and dustbowl gives me the closest taste to that, good map to work on teamwork and get set records.

    Thats it for now i guess, ill post pics of work and participate more as time goes on.

    I'll be sure to keep checking the site to help keep it active. Thanks!
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    hey buddy welcome aboard. lots of knowledgeable people round these parts
  3. Squirrelly

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    yeah i use to hang out with a lot of old mappers & groups

    mapcore & some others back in the day

    just getting back into for TF2, this place seems cozy ;)
  4. DJive

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    It is indeed =) Also hop in the steam chat room. Tons of fun =) !!