How to zip up files with subfolders

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    You know how when you download models and textures and stuff, how the zip file usually includes the folder information from /models and /materials all the way down, so people can just extract into /tf and it takes care of the rest? Yeah, I just realized I have no idea how to do that. The only thing I can think of is to just zip the entire /materials and /models folders, and then go through and delete everything that's not my content.

    I have 7-Zip, but if Windows' own ZIP support has a better way to do this, that works too.
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    I make a folder somewhere else called "materials/" or "models/" or whatever, then copy the directory structure inside for only the stuff I'm zipping up. Make the zip archive, then drag the created folder onto the archive.

    There's probably an easier way of doing it though. But this is easier than copying everything and deleting what you don't want.

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    That's what I do except:

    Just right click on the root folder and click "Add to archive..."