How to tell if an object is upside-down

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    I am trying to implement a physics object in a map that behaves differently if it is upside-down. Is there some way to detect the angles of an entity and then fire an output based on the "value" of the angle (which I think is represented as a vector).

    I tried using a point_anglesensor that detected whether or not my prop was facing a brush that spanned the entire ground of my map, but its "angle value" would change if its horizontal angle changed when I only want it to change with the vertical angle of my physics object. The point_anglesensor can output the direction of my physics object but I know of no entity that can take a vector as an input (and consequently, why it can be fired as an output in the first place). If I could detect the pitch alone of the object that would be great. Then I could use a logic_compare.