How to properly use Prop Fade Distance?

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    What can I do?
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    typically only need to use start and end fade, set start to like 800, and end to like 1000, check what happens in game
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    Don't you need to set the 'End' distance as higher than the 'Start' distance? So if we swapped those numbers, it would start to fade away when 800hu away from the prop and be completely gone by 1000hu away?
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    Bear in mind the act of fading a prop in and out of sight costs processing resources. Keep the fade interval distances (the bit between the start and end) as short as possible.

    If your prop is behind world brushes or in a room, then visleaves and area portals may be culling it anyway so fade distances could be pointless in those cases. Use it on stuff that will definitely be drawn but is a good distance away from the camera. Giving every prop in your map a fade distance would cost a lot of your time and have no real benefit.
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    A good example of props that fade where you can see them is in Goldrush, stage 2, first half. There are some props on the platform and in the building at the far end that fade out when you get close to BLU's entrance, as mentioned here.
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