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    This is a tutorial made to celebrate the first deck release of the trading card game!


    Starting the game

    You make a post in the off-topic discussion.

    For example,titled: "Anyone in the mood for a round of TF2MNTCG?"
    (TF2MNTCG is short for trading card game)

    And then you wait for someone to respond.I am always in the mood for a game,so expect me responding to 50% of the requests because i don't think a lot of people will be into this XD

    Now,the round starts when someone replies with a positive answer.

    Playing the game
    Both of you have from 4500 to 10.000 health.

    You decide how much.

    More health means a bigger difficulty.

    Since the deck is fairly limited for now(14 cards),play wisely.

    The game is based on post-on post.

    This is how it should look (example):

    "Anyone in the mood for a round of TF2MNTCG?"

    Yeah,is anyone in the mood?

    I would like a game with around 6500 HP.

    Posted by Vitokz

    Sexyfish345 replied:

    Sure,let's go.

    Vitokz replied:

    I will play the Test Card.

    Sexyfish345 replied:
    Oooh,nice choice.
    I will play it too.

    Those are the basics,enough to get you started.

    If you don't understand what a card does,just read the description.

    If it doesn't say it in the description,read the ATK/ and DEF/ sections.

    And remember,when you play a card,you can't play it for the rest of the round.

    Extra Info (Types and such)

    Member Edition-The card portrays a real member of can use it.

    Veteran Edition-The card portrays a real veteran member of can use it.

    Donator Edition-The card portrays a real veteran member of can use it.

    Community Asset Edition-You need special permission from the idea contributor to use the card.

    Special Edition-You need special authorization from the card creator to use it or you have to be one of the
    contributors to the deck where the card is.

    TF2 Player Edition-The card portrays a certain type of tf2 player,or a certain type of behavior that can be found in tf2.Anyone can use it.

    Staff Edition-The card portrays a real staff member of can ban certain people from using the card at their will.

    Mapping Tools Edition-The card portrays a mapping tool,process or event.Anyone can use it.

    Limited Edition-Special,custom skinned cards inspired not by yu-gi-oh but by the Magic series.They work and play different then the yu-gi-oh themed cards and a separate explanation of them will be posted here a bit later.

    We are still working on a difference between ritual,fusion,synchro,xyz and regular monsters.

    A suggestion would be nice.^^

    Thank you very much for reading!
    I hope this helped!
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