How to make doomsday style ctf but dosent end the game after 3 cap

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    ive messed around with the doomsday game element "special delivery" but i cant seem to make the game mode with infinite capping

    also any way to disable the ctf hud?
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    I haven't played with the Doomsday's game mode in Hammer yet, so I'm not sure if it will help, but I think you could make an actual CTF, edit its properties to the ones you want, spawn a prop_static or prop_dynamic prop using the Rocket's model, and place the capturing's colume there.
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    The amount of flag caps is dependent on the server's settings, not the map. You'll need to set the server command 'tf_flag_caps_per_round' to 0. (This means that if you want your map to be imped, you'll need to have a staff member on-hand to set that command manually)

    As for disabling the CTF hud, you can add a tf_logic_hybrid_ctf_cp entity to remove the capture counters and just have the flag compass, or use the tf_gamerules entity to force the map to use another HUD entirely (capture points or payload).
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