How to make an underwater water_warp VMT that is dxlevel80 friendly?

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    I am trying to use effects/water_warp as a screen overlay on the players.

    This overlay covers people at less than dxlevel90 with a white screen. Normally it gives you a wiggly looking blue tinted screen.

    Contents of the vmt:

        "%keywords" "tf"
        "$refractamount" ".05"
        "$refracttint" "{205 225 255}"
        "$refractblur" "1"
        "$scale" "[1 1]"
        "$bumpmap" "dev/water_dudv"
        "$normalmap" "water/tfwater001_normal"
        "$bumpframe" "0"
                "animatedtexturevar" "$normalmap"
                "animatedtextureframenumvar" "$bumpframe"
                "animatedtextureframerate" 30.00
                "texturescrollvar" "$bumptransform"
                "texturescrollrate" .1
                "texturescrollangle" 45.00
    I've seen this stuff on the Valve developer wiki:$selfillum

    But I don't really understand the syntax of VMT files or how the game reads them to fix it.

    It has to be this file.

    Optimally, the overlay for dxlevel80 would either just be "no overlay" or be a blue tint on their screen.

    Edit: Here is what I've tried:
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    Don't support DX80 because it's old as hell and even TF2 itself is looking to remove all support for it?
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    Yeah, don't you have to literally be running Windows 2000 or something to be stuck with it?