How to make a [flaming] arrow trap?

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    I've been practicing making a variety of I have some idea of how to work with input/outputs, func_door/trigger_hurt, etc...Very "Indiana Jones".

    My next challenge is to make a hallway in which there are holes along the walls here that shoot arrows at various speeds and heights. The player will have to judge timing and go through without getting shot at by arrows.

    However I have no idea how to begin this...
    It would need to have the following properties:
    1) They arrows would have to get stuck in the player if it collides with him
    2) It should register as having damaged him, and should show up with the death icon of death by arrow if he should die, plus register headshots
    3) they don't need to be triggered, they are just being shot continuously
    4) Not necessary but I would like these arrows to use the flaming arrow particle system and light the player on fire if he gets hit by one.

    I hope someone could help me with this...if so, thank you SOOOOOO much.
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    I can think of a few ways of trying to doing this, but not exactly sure what would be the best.

    Easiest I think would be to just have bots behind the walls firing, but alignment and spacing would be difficult. Bots would also get credit for the kills.

    You could also use a physics prop with a trigger hurt attached to it, and the arrow as it's model. You might be able to set the damage type of the trigger hurt to register as an arrow and set them on fire, but I don't know if you can make it get stuck in the player this way.

    I'm reinstalling my computer at the moment so I can't experiment in the SDK right now to see if any of this would work.
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    Technically, the weapon entity should be able to do this on its own. With emphasis on should. I think they "forgot" the needed inputs.
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    Create the arrow entity where you want it to spawn. "<arrow_entity_name_here>"
    Then add Key/Value:
    angles/0 0 0 (for a 90° angle use 0 90 0)
    targetname/arrow1 (use any name you want)

    Create an point_template entity and enter "arrow1" to the templates, make sure the point_template entity kills the specified templates on map start. (In the flags)

    Then you can trigger the template to forcespawn the arrow entity, over and over again, in your case a timer would be good to use.

    I'm not sure if this will work, I've only tried it with entities like "headless_hatman", "eyeball_boss" and "tank_boss".

    Perhaps add a trigger_push brush covering the entity, pushing it in the desired direction.
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