How to improve the contracts for Campaign 4

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War Paints Everywhere
Apr 26, 2015
I think players should be able to play as one class through the entire campaign due to most times when I join a server to do a soldier contract there is no medic. I would usually go Medic, however, I want to complete the rest of my contracts that I didn't finish yet. If the campaign would let me play Medic then I can improve the team on the server by having a healer. This can let other players be able to complete their class' contract without getting rolled due to not having a Medic.

The Gift Shop should have more cases to be able to buy before they sell out.

There should be loadout contracts.

The Bonus part of the contracts should be either be lowered or increase the amount of CP you need before turn in the contract. I always complete the contract two to three games before I complete the bonus stars. I think they should try to make the bonus meet with the competition of the rest of the contract.