How to get models/textures to adhere to TF2 art direction?

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    I'm designing a steampunk-themed map and am planning on creating mostly custom textures and models. However, as this is my first project, I feel a bit lost on how to approach the art direction. Many tf2 maps that I have played use the same stock textures.

    1. Do you know any maps that have mainly used custom assets and textures? (does not matter if the art style/direction is different from "the tf2 world" so long as you thought it was good)
    2. Any tips on making a cohesive environment?
    3. Any artists/art styles/artwork I should look into for concepts and references for "tf2 world" art style? (other than Leyendecker)
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    Norman Rockwell's work for the Saturday Evening Post perhaps?
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    Just examine existing textures and hang around the Emporium a bunch. You can look at their WiPs; some people post livestreams of texturing; and you can just straight up ask the same question you asked us. Ooh, and you should definitely read Swizzle's guide to TF2 texturing, as it covers everything pretty well. As for making cohesive environments, Rexy might be able to help you out, give a few tips, what he learned from Zinkenite, etc. But the most important thing (imo) is getting feedback on every step of the way: ask others what they think, what they'd change, why, stuff like that. It'll not only make your assets better but help you understand TF2 faster.
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