how to cause a CTF map to end in a stalemate?

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    sudden death in CTF never made sense to me, as it can still stretch out for ages.

    however, i can't find any documentation on how to end a CTF map one way or another.

    i thought of using a game round timer, and on finished have it trigger the cp master's stalemate condition, but that just causes the game to crash.
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    Any map that doesnt have a timer will trigger a stalemate on the server timelimit. However, if any capturing is in progress (a flag that was dropped still counts as in progress) there will be overtime. when there is no capturing the round will end. And in ctf the overtime can take ages, in sudden death there isnt any overtime.

    On a stalemate end the server settings decides how it ends. This can be a stalemate as usual or sudden death.
    This are the 3 sudden death settings
    mp_stalemate_enable 0/1 (1 enables sudden death aka the stalemate round)
    mp_stalemate_at_timelimit 0/1 (1 makes any round end instantly when the server timelimit is reached - not sure for mini rounds though, if im right its only for linear maps)
    mp_stalemate_timelimit # (the ammount of seconds sudden death/the stalemate round takes - if its reached it instantly ends)

    To test the round end make a server and set mp_timelimit to 1 or 2 and then wait for that moment. and you can use the 3 settings above to test the stalemate.

    Edit: Also, if you make a game_round_timer it must trigger a game_round_win and not a cpmaster. Then it wont use the server timelimit. This also allows you to add extra time when a flag is captured which isnt possible when using the server timelimit.
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