How to Add a Custom Skybox to Your TF2 Map

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Nov 4, 2017
Step 1:

Create 6 images for each surface of your skybox. The dimensions of each image should be powers of 2, common values and 512 x 512, however use 1024 x 1024 for a higher quality skybox.


Step 2:

Go here ( and download VTFEdit, once downloaded click File System and locate your 6 files, double click on one and then click OK then save it as yourskyboxname + up for the top texture, dn for the bottom texture, lf for the left texture, rt for the right texture, ft for the front texture or bk for the back texture.

Repeat for each texture.

E.g. sky_dustbowlup, sky_dustbowldn....


Step 3:

Open the automatically generated VMT files created by VTFEdit delete everything inside them then copy this into the files:

$basetexture "skybox/yourskyboxnamedn"
$hdrcompressedtexture "skybox/yourskyboxnamedn"
$nofog 1
$ignorez 1

Repeat for each file replacing dn with up, lf, rt or whatever face the image is going to be on.


Step 4:

Copy those VTF and VMT files to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\materials\skybox, the skybox folder will likely not exist so just create one if it you can't find it.


Step 5:

Launch up hammer and set the map skybox to yourskyboxname and compile!


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