How often do you tweak the design of your maps?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by dookiebot, Jun 24, 2008.

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    Most here seem to have more mapping experience than I do, but I find after I draw out and pre-determine base room measurements for my map I am constantly going back and tweaking dimensions/layouts in Hammer.

    To me that seems the best way to prevents a handful of major corrections once you beta, but how many feel they have a good hand on just going in a mapping what they want and it turns out pretty much what you expected the first time through?

    Right now I have hit a design block because of a major change in a layout needed so I won't cripple performance on lower end machines and it has got me wondering if I am overly cautious? :p
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    You should get all layout stuff done in alpha, way before detailing. Then once you've detailed the map and you hit beta you're only making minor changes here and there
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    For what i see almost all mappers make a big blocky alpha first, and they tweak it later by adding stuff etc. i like making my map step by step tweaking at every moment, well... I never make alphas so I go directly for the beta.
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    My gameplay influences my aesthetics and vice versa too much to have things ironed out in alpha, to my dismay : /

    So I'd say they both change a lot