how much money would you make a map for?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Python, May 28, 2009.

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    I'm considering running a mapping contest OR hiring a mapper to make a map for us over at with a cash prize attached to it.

    The map would most likely be Payload or Payload Race that is themed to our name and ideas which will be discussed later if there is an interest from some skilled mappers.

    Now my question to all you mappers, how much money would you be willing to make a map?

    We have lots of resouces to help out with this; servers and players for playtests along with anything else required.

    Please let me know if anyone would be interested in this and how much money would motivate someone to accomplish this for us.

    I'm thinking $500, maybe more?

    A completed map would get lots of exposure, we run 7 very popular servers (2 of which have custom maps) and the winning/completed map would be run on all of our servers plus some extra cash in your pocket :)

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    I am in the progress of making a pl map right now. Check Railway out in my signature. Also we just had a contest for pl maps so there are MANY to pick from. Some of the best are, Repository, Frontier, Borax, Waste, Halfacre, Cashworks, and Hoodoo, but that is official now.
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    We have discussed having privately sponsored contests here before with the balloon race.

    It's all a matter of having the users interested in mapping for that specific game type and how demanding/constrictive the rules are from the sponsor.

    We can discuss this further if you wish via email.

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    by a wide margin the most efficient thing you could do is to start a contest, make a criteria of what you are looking for in the map, provide testers and server access to all contestants and have that $500 as the prize. This way you can choose between a few maps, the mappers would have access to testing on a whim (highly useful). And if it comes right down to it after you select a winner the rest of the maps that did not win will be publicly available and you can use them anyways.

    The only real flaw with this is that you need to give more leeway to the mappers.
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    Being that you want a mapped themed to your group you should also try to pick up a model maker and a texture maker to help really make a thrashed gamer themed map. Valve's current set of theme's is very limited and drunk gamers isn't one of them.
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    And that right there is a damned shame.

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    $500 for a map? Have you heard what valve is paying? :p

    Joking of course. Many mappers, including me, don't really care for the money, but DAMN RIGHT I'LL TAKE IT.

    Nah, I'm getting ready to map for a different competition.
  8. An Icy Mouse

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    If you're doing a commission, valve offer $2500ish I'd actually think slightly more would be appropriate for "I'm paying you to do this" rather than "thats awesome I'd like to buy it off you"
    But if you're doing a contest with a prize, a prize is a prize, not payment.