How many intel packets or flags can you have in action at any one time?

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    Looking at finishing off my ofice tower map.

    Was thinking of having both teams rush to their basement grab their intel and take it around to all the diffrent caps in the building. If you cap all points with your intel you win the round.

    now that's the easy part - the hard part is what to do with the intel if you:

    die - can you code it so that if you die the intel returns back to base on death
    die - intel stays where it is until timer passes then returns - might be better in hard to get areas
    cap the point - intel stays there until other team caps it with their intel then your intel goes back to your base for pickup.

    don't know how to code it. don't know how to code new intel packets to spawn when cp capped and or how to limit if the all in play at once

    also - sky box - since you're in a tower - choices for exterior? There will be outside battles too - 2 ledges, a swing stage elevator and the rooftop.
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    You can have a bunch of intels on the map... but only one intel active per team at a time.

    So, when a team caps cp1 with intel, it fires to itself to disable, and enable the next intel. Much like sequential capture the flag, right?

    The intel will return to it's spawning position after X amount of time, yes.


    Use any skybox I would guess, not sure I understand the question. Maybe go with hydro since it has big puffy clouds?
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    Ok finally got a chance to get on line and try it out here’s what I found

    CTF – 2 fort style - has a 3 intel cap maximum before the round ends – however you can have different cap locations to make it “interesting” so you don’t have to keep going back and forth to the same spots with the intel. – researching this further for you.

    Intel – made two each for red and blue (one enabled and one not – set one each to be killed on capture – set trigger on kill to enable the 2nd one. Each has individual name.

    In game performance:

    3 cap zones – each with hologram, cap_area, cap base – labeled a,b,c.

    Picked up 1st blue intel took to cap 1 – cap registers, intel disappears, intel 2 shows up – then moment later intel 1 is back on the table – I can pick up either now (may prove to be interesting in a game to have more than 1 on the move) can take it to the other caps – same thing happens – they disappear and register as cap.

    Game does not end at 3, 6, 9, 27.5 etc. Hologram doesn’t change team colour when intel capped either.

    Any ideas?

    Do you want me to keep this here in this section or move it over to a WIP?