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how make a server as HLstatsX

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by blesser, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. blesser

    blesser L1: Registered

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    Hi , im wondering if somwone can help me , im not sure how HLstatsX work , if i wanna add it to my server how it work? thanks forward
  2. gamemaster1996

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    You would have to download it in a addon in your tf dedicated server files (it would be included in mani admin plugin or summin like that).

    Although valve can you plz allow a installer like this or add these plugins as a game defualt :I
    Some people like me cant get it 2 work
  3. MrAlBobo

    MrAlBobo L13: Stunning Member

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    heh...if you haven't the slightest idea how to get it working at this point more likely then not you won't

    its actually difficult for people who do know what their doing, ill highlight some of the requirements I guess:
    1) You need access to some kind of web server
    2) This server needs give you shell access or at least access to cron tasks or something similar
    3) The server also needs to support a "constant" connection to another server, I have yet to see a shared server that has this
    4) Very frequently servers will block incoming traffic, you need one that doesn't do this
    5) You need a mysql database (possibly other types are supported)
    6) You need to be able to configure a cfg that connects to a mysql database on the web server

    Yeah...if you really want hlstatsx, your best bet would be to buy hlstatx from the people that made it, then they provide you with a webserver that already does all that, and offer you full support in setting it up and managing it...likely for less then it would cost to buy the web server and set it up on your own.

    All that said I happen to think psychostats is a better option as the program does more and its fully documented. Although the requirements are virtually the same.
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