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    Hi guys, i founded this website searching tf2map tuts and staff.
    And i foundit :))
    How many time it will take for me to make something with VHE ?
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    Not speaking from experience (just starting up myself), but from tutorials and articles I've read up on, a decent, properly functioning TF2 map can take a good few months to complete. Starting from conception and initial sketches, through layout, testing, fixes, detailing and more testing, up to the final release.

    For an experienced mapper, I imagine it can take as little as maybe 6-8 weeks for a full map (possibly even less for smaller ones, such as Arena maps), while a newcomer might need twice or even three times that long.
    Generally though, I believe a map is only truly finished when the creator is happy with it.

    Good luck with your project, and have fun! :)
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    It can probably take a good number of months to make a map. My first "real" map that I'm currently working on has been in development since April (four~five months!) and it's not even close to being finished, but I'm a bit slow though.
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    Bear in mind that the first few maps you make will be more for practice. Hammer has a lot of tools, but they're easy to learn once you get the hang of it. Just takes time. Once you're comfortable w/ the editor and understand some of the finer points, making a quality map can take anywhere from a couple weeks to months. Really depends on how much free time you have, lol.