How do you use info_particle_system?

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    Alright, I've been fooling around with some candles using info_particle_system and the particle system name set to candle_light2.

    When I set it up initially, I had two flames show up over one candle. So I tried candle_light1. That resulted in zero flames. So I gave up and deleted the entity.

    After deleting the entity and making some other changes to the map, I compiled it and ran it.

    And I had 1 candle flame.

    I checked this in hammer- yes, entity is not in the map. Compile, run, yup, it's there.

    So I put it back in the map, compile, run. While the game was doing the 'waiting for players' countdown, there's two flames. When I go back, there's one.

    Okay. Go to my second set of candles and add clones of the info_particle_system to each wick. Save, compile, run.

    During waiting, I have two flames on candle 1, and 3 flames (which I should) on candle 2. Waiting's over, I run back...

    1 flame on candle 1, zero flames on candle 2.

    The wiki's of no use on this, and I can't figure it out.

    How the heck do I use these things, and what am I doing wrong?

    Incidentally I tried switching to candle_light2 again. Same results.
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    well.. easy.. just decompile harvest_event or.. try getting the candle light by yourself.
    It will be much harder trying by your self. I recommend decompiling harvest for it.
    And if it doesn't apear in-game, then something goes wrong..
    Well that problem is actually wierd.. and i don't know how to fix it.. Sry :(