How do you make a comp map?

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    OK so I am tossing my hat into the ring for this contest: [ame=""]A/D mapcomp // ozfortress -[/ame]

    Only one problem, I have no clue how to map for comp players. Could someone familiar with the comp crowd give me some tips on how to map in such ways that will please the every day comp. BTW its a A/D gravel pit map.

    Thanks in advance! EDIT: If said info is useful to the improvement of my map.
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    put lots of elitist pictures and make the layout exactly like granary
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    Competitive players like "fair" gameplay. They want everything to be balanced and they want everything to be predictable. First, symmetrical maps are in. 5 point CP maps are the most beloved by the competitive community. Second, all locations must have a method of being counter attacked. Third, health kits and ammo need to be placed in strategic locations. The closer this gets to the last point, the more frequent they should be, but the less payoff they should have.
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    Fair and strategic ability is the key. But need to play well with 6 people on both teams along with 5v5 7v7 and 9v9. 6v6 is the main though generally 1 demo 1 medic 2 soli 2 scouts Though the scouts and soldier can sub for other classes if necessarily it all depends on the teams strategy and teamwork. Try and give each class a place to shine like any other map.

    Dont make it to huge, but not small. Maps like granary great teams and the demo and solider get to the mid as fast as the scouts by rocket jumping perfectly without loosing all their heath and the medic will try and keep up.

    I recommend joining #tf2pug in gamesurge irc. Its free and they have pug bots to arrange matches all the time. Great practice if you have never played a scrim or anything before. Alot of fun, serious and communication.

    I cant think of anything else but just look at valves 5cp maps and gravel pit and compare to your map. I would study them and see the layout and think why valve did what they did.

    Edit: Should be enjoyable on 12v12 witch should be find on 16v16 (increased maxplayers) for the people who like those servers. That shouldbe be a problem to much as it is on dustbowl and pl maps.

    Good luck i hope to see your map in leagues one day.
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