How do you distort a player model?

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    Haha, funnily enough I was just doing the same thing. It needs a trigger brush.

    Alongside that page, it will come with what you need to put in your FGD. This is necessary for it to work.

    Go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\bin\" and open "base.fgd" with notepad.

    Add this on the very last line and save it -
    @SolidClass base(Parentname,Targetname,EnableDisable,Trigger) = trigger_add_or_remove_tf_player_attributes :
    "Adds/Removes attributes to/from players."
    add_or_remove(choices) : "Add or Remove" : 0 : "Sets whether this entity should add or remove attributes from a player. Removing attributes is not supported yet. " =
    0 : "Add"
    1 : "Remove"
    attribute_name(choices) : "Attribute" : : "The attribute to add or remove." =
    "damage penalty" : "%s1% damage penalty"
    "damage bonus" : "+%s1% damage bonus"
    "clip size penalty" : "%s1% clip size"
    "clip size bonus" : "+%s1% clip size"
    "fire rate penalty" : "%s1% slower firing speed"
    "fire rate bonus" : "+%s1% faster firing speed"
    "heal rate penalty" : "%s1% heal rate"
    "heal rate bonus" : "+%s1% heal rate"
    "ubercharge rate penalty" : "%s1% UberCharge rate"
    "ubercharge rate bonus" : "+%s1% UberCharge rate"
    "overheal bonus" : "+%s1% max overheal"
    "overheal decay penalty" : "%s1% shorter overheal time"
    "overheal decay bonus" : "+%s1% longer overheal time"
    "overheal decay disabled" : "Overheal bonus doesn't decay"
    "crit mod disabled" : "No random critical hits"
    "heal on hit for rapidfire" : "On Hit: +%s1 health"
    "add uber charge on hit" : "On Hit: %s1% UberCharge added"
    "medigun charge is crit boost" : "UberCharge grants 100% critical chance"
    "tmp dmgbuff on hit" : "On Hit: +%s1% damage bonus"
    "crit vs burning players" : "100% critical hit vs burning players"
    "dmg penalty vs nonburning" : "%s1% damage vs non-burning players"
    "no crit vs nonburning" : "No critical hits vs non-burning players"
    "mod flamethrower push" : "No compression blast"
    "mod flamethrower back crit" : "100% critical hits from behind"
    "hidden secondary max ammo penalty" : "No Description"
    "max health additive bonus" : "+%s1 max health on wearer"
    "alt-fire disabled" : "Attrib_AltFire_Disabled"
    "crit mod disabled hidden" : "No random critical hits"
    "alt-fire is vampire" : "Attrib_AltFire_Is_Vampire"
    "fists have radial buff" : "On Kill: +50 health on nearby teammates"
    "critboost on kill" : "On Kill: %s1 seconds of 100% critical chance"
    "slow enemy on hit" : "On Hit: %s1% chance to slow target"
    "set cloak is feign death" : "Cloak Type: Feign Death"
    "mult cloak meter consume rate" : "+%s1% cloak drain rate"
    "mult cloak meter regen rate" : "+%s1% cloak regen rate"
    "spread penalty" : "%s1% less accurate"
    "hidden primary max ammo bonus" : "No Description"
    "mod bat launches balls" : "Alt-Fire: Launches a ball that stuns opponents"
    "dmg penalty vs nonstunned" : "%s1% damage vs non-stunned players"
    "zoom speed mod disabled" : "No move speed penalty from zoom"
    "sniper charge per sec" : "+%s1% charge rate"
    "sniper no headshots" : "No headshots"
    "scattergun no reload single" : "No Description"
    "scattergun has knockback" : "Knockback on the target and shooter"
    "bullets per shot bonus" : "+%s1% bullets per shot"
    "sniper zoom penalty" : "%s1% zoom reduction"
    "sniper no charge" : "No zoom or damage charge"
    "set cloak is movement based" : "Cloak Type: Motion Sensitive"
    "no double jump" : "Disables double jump"
    "absorb damage while cloaked" : "Absorbs %s1% damage while cloaked"
    "revolver use hit locations" : "Crits on headshot"
    "backstab shield" : "Blocks a single backstab attempt"
    "fire retardant" : "Wearer cannot ignite"
    "move speed penalty" : "%s1% slower move speed on wearer"
    "obsolete ammo penalty" : "No Description"
    "jarate description" : "Coated enemies take mini-crits"
    "health regen" : "+%s1 health regenerated per second on wearer"
    "self dmg push force increased" : "+%s1% self damage force"
    "self dmg push force decreased" : "%s1% self damage force"
    "dmg taken from fire reduced" : "+%s1% fire damage resistance on wearer"
    "dmg taken from fire increased" : "%s1% fire damage vulnerability on wearer"
    "dmg taken from crit reduced" : "+%s1% critical hit damage resistance on wearer"
    "dmg taken from crit increased" : "%s1% critical hit damage vulnerability on wearer"
    "dmg taken from blast reduced" : "+%s1% explosive damage resistance on wearer"
    "dmg taken from blast increased" : "%s1% explosive damage vulnerability on wearer"
    "dmg taken from bullets reduced" : "+%s1% bullet damage resistance on wearer"
    "dmg taken from bullets increased" : "%s1% bullet damage vulnerability on wearer"
    "increase player capture value" : "+%s1 capture rate on wearer"
    "health from healers reduced" : "%s1% health from healers on wearer"
    "health from healers increased" : "+%s1% health from healers on wearer"
    "weapon burn dmg increased" : "+%s1% afterburn damage bonus"
    "weapon burn dmg reduced" : "%s1% afterburn damage penalty"
    "weapon burn time increased" : "+%s1% afterburn duration"
    "weapon burn time reduced" : "%s1% afterburn duration"
    "aiming movespeed increased" : "+%s1% faster move speed while deployed"
    "maxammo primary increased" : "+%s1% max primary ammo on wearer"
    "maxammo primary reduced" : "%s1% max primary ammo on wearer"
    "maxammo secondary increased" : "+%s1% max secondary ammo on wearer"
    "maxammo secondary reduced" : "%s1% max secondary ammo on wearer"
    "maxammo metal increased" : "+%s1% max metal on wearer"
    "maxammo metal reduced" : "%s1% max metal on wearer"
    "cloak consume rate increased" : "-%s1% cloak duration"
    "cloak consume rate decreased" : "+%s1% cloak duration"
    "cloak regen rate increased" : "+%s1% cloak regeneration rate"
    "cloak regen rate decreased" : "%s1% cloak regeneration rate"
    "minigun spinup time increased" : "%s1% slower spin up time"
    "minigun spinup time decreased" : "%s1% faster spin up time"
    "max pipebombs increased" : "+%s1 max pipebombs out"
    "max pipebombs decreased" : "%s1 max pipebombs out"
    "SRifle Charge rate increased" : "%s1% faster power charge"
    "SRifle Charge rate decreased" : "%s1% slower power charge"
    "Construction rate increased" : "%s1% faster construction rate"
    "Construction rate decreased" : "%s1% slower construction rate"
    "Repair rate increased" : "%s1% faster repair rate"
    "Repair rate decreased" : "%s1% slower repair rate"
    "Reload time increased" : "%s1% slower reload time"
    "Reload time decreased" : "%s1% faster reload time"
    "selfdmg on hit for rapidfire" : "On Hit: %s1 health"
    "Blast radius increased" : "+%s1% explosion radius"
    "Blast radius decreased" : "%s1% explosion radius"
    "Projectile range increased" : "+%s1% projectile range"
    "Projectile range decreased" : "%s1% projectile range"
    "Projectile speed increased" : "+%s1% projectile speed"
    "Projectile speed decreased" : "%s1% projectile speed"
    "overheal penalty" : "%s1% max overheal"
    "weapon spread bonus" : "%s1% more accurate"
    "move speed bonus" : "+%s1% faster move speed on wearer"
    "health from packs increased" : "+%s1% health from packs on wearer"
    "health from packs decreased" : "%s1% health from packs on wearer"
    "heal on hit for slowfire" : "On Hit: +%s1 health"
    "selfdmg on hit for slowfire" : "On Hit: %s1 health"
    "ammo regen" : "+%s1% ammo regenerated every 5 seconds on wearer"
    "metal regen" : "+%s1 metal regenerated every 5 seconds on wearer"
    "mod mini-crit airborne" : "Mini-crits targets launched airborne by explosions"
    "mod shovel damage boost" : "Damage increases as the user becomes injured"
    "mod soldier buff type" : "No Description"
    "dmg falloff increased" : "Attrib_Dmg_Falloff_Increased"
    "dmg falloff decreased" : "%s1% splash damage fall off"
    "sticky detonate mode" : "Detonates stickybombs near the crosshair and directly under your feet"
    "sticky arm time penalty" : "%s1 sec slower bomb arm time"
    "stickies detonate stickies" : "Able to destroy enemy stickybombs"
    "mod demo buff type" : "No Description"
    "speed boost when active" : "%s1% speed boost while active weapon"
    "mod wrench builds minisentry" : "Replaces the Sentry with a fast building Mini-Sentry"
    "max health additive penalty" : "%s1 max health on wearer"
    "sticky arm time bonus" : "%s1 sec faster bomb arm time"
    "sticky air burst mode" : "Launched bombs shatter on surfaces"
    "provide on active" : "When weapon is active:"
    "health drain" : "%s1 health drained per second on wearer"
    "medic regen bonus" : "+%s1% natural regen rate"
    "medic regen penalty" : "-%s1% natural regen rate"
    "community description" : "Given to valuable Community Contributors"
    "soldier model index" : "Medal no. %s1"
    "attach particle effect" : "Effect: %s1"
    "rocket jump damage reduction" : "%s1% blast damage from rocket jumps"
    "mod sentry killed revenge" : "When your sentry is destroyed you"
    "dmg bonus vs buildings" : "%s1% damage vs buildings"
    "dmg penalty vs players" : "%s1% damage vs players"
    "lunchbox adds maxhealth bonus" : "Adds +50 max health for 30 seconds"
    "hidden maxhealth non buffed" : "+%s1 max health on wearer"
    "selfmade description" : "I made this!"
    "set item tint RGB" : "Item tint color code: %s1"
    "custom employee number" : "Hire Date: %s1"
    "lunchbox adds minicrits" : "Sets weapon mode #%s1"
    "taunt is highfive" : "No Description"
    "damage applies to sappers" : "Damage removes Sappers"
    "Wrench index" : "Wrench no. %s1"
    "building cost reduction" : "%s1 metal reduction in building cost"
    "bleeding duration" : "On Hit: Bleed for %s1 seconds"
    "turn to gold" : "Imbued with an ancient power"
    "DEPRECATED socketed item definition id DEPRECATED" : "Attrib_Socket"
    "custom texture lo" : "No Description"
    "cannot trade" : "Not Tradable"
    "disguise on backstab" : "Upon a successful backstab against a human target, you rapidly disguise as your victim"
    "cannot disguise" : "Wearer cannot disguise"
    "silent killer" : "Silent Killer: No attack noise from backstabs"
    "disguise speed penalty" : "%s1 sec slower disguise speed"
    "add cloak on kill" : "+%s1 cloak on kill"
    "cloak blink time penalty" : "%s1 sec longer cloak blink time"
    "quiet unstealth" : "Reduced decloak sound volume"
    "flame size penalty" : "%s1% less flame spread area"
    "flame size bonus" : "+%s1% more flame spread area"
    "flame life penalty" : "%s1% less flame distance"
    "flame life bonus" : "+%s1% more flame distance"
    "charged airblast" : "Airblast can now be charged, which will push enemies further"
    "add cloak on hit" : "+%s1 cloak on hit"
    "disguise damage reduction" : "Attrib_DisguiseDamageReduction"
    "disguise no burn" : "Immune to fire damage while disguised"
    "dmg from sentry reduced" : "+%s1% sentry damage resistance on wearer"
    "airblast cost increased" : "+%s1% airblast cost"
    "airblast cost decreased" : "%s1% airblast cost"
    "purchased" : "Purchased: Not Tradable or Usable in Crafting"
    "flame ammopersec increased" : "+%s1% flamethrower ammo consumed per second"
    "flame ammopersec decreased" : "%s1% flamethrower ammo consumed per second"
    "jarate duration" : "On Hit: Jarate applied to target for %s1 seconds"
    "no death from headshots" : "The wearer cannot be killed by headshots"
    "deploy time increased" : "%s1% longer weapon switch"
    "deploy time decreased" : "%s1% faster weapon switch"
    "minicrits become crits" : "Crits whenever it would normally mini-crit"
    "heal on kill" : "+%s1 health restored on kill"
    "no self blast dmg" : "No self inflicted blast damage taken"
    "slow enemy on hit major" : "On Hit: Slow target movement by 40% for %s1s"
    "aiming movespeed decreased" : "%s1% slower move speed while deployed"
    "duel loser account id" : "Attrib_DuelLoserAccountID"
    "event date" : "Date Received: %s1"
    "gifter account id" : "Gift from: %s1"
    "set supply crate series" : "Crate Series #%s1"
    "preserve ubercharge" : "On death up to %s1% of your stored"
    "elevate quality" : "No Description"
    "active health regen" : "+%s1 health regenerated per second on wearer"
    "active health degen" : "%s1 health drained per second on wearer"
    "referenced item id low" : "No Description"
    "referenced item id high" : "No Description"
    "referenced item def" : "Contains: %s1"
    "always tradable" : "Always Tradable"
    "noise maker" : "Noise Maker"
    "halloween item" : "This is a special Halloween %s1 item"
    "collection bits" : "No Description"
    "fires healing bolts" : "Fires special bolts that heal teammates and deal damage based on distance traveled"
    "enables aoe heal" : "On Taunt: Applies a healing effect to all nearby teammates"
    "gesture speed increase" : "+%s1% faster taunt speed on wearer"
    "charge time increased" : "%s1 sec increase in charge duration"
    "drop health pack on kill" : "On Kill: A small health pack is dropped"
    "hit self on miss" : "On Miss: Hit yourself. Idiot."
    "dmg from ranged reduced" : "%s1% damage from ranged sources while active"
    "dmg from melee increased" : "+%s1% damage from melee sources while active"
    "blast dmg to self increased" : "+%s1% damage to self"
    "Set DamageType Ignite" : "On Hit: target is engulfed in flames"
    "minicrit vs burning player" : "100% minicrits vs burning players"
    "paint effect" : "No Description"
    "tradable after date" : "Tradable After: %s1"
    "force level display" : "No Description"
    "random level curve replacement" : "No Description"
    "kill eater" : "No Description"
    "apply z velocity on damage" : "No Description"
    "apply look velocity on damage" : "No Description"
    "sanguisuge" : "On Backstab: Absorbs the health from your victim."
    "mark for death" : "On Hit: One target at a time is marked for death, causing all damage taken to be mini-crits"
    "decapitate type" : "No Description"
    "restore health on kill" : "On Kill: Restores you to %s1% health"
    "mult decloak rate" : "Attrib_DecloakRate"
    "mult sniper charge after bodyshot" : "On Scoped Bodyshot: Rifle charge rate increased by %s1%"
    "mult sniper charge after miss" : "On Scoped Miss: Rifle charge rate decreased by %s1%"
    "dmg bonus while half dead" : "%s1% increase in damage when health <50% of max"
    "dmg penalty while half alive" : "%s1% decrease in damage when health >50% of max"
    "honorbound" : "Honorbound: Once drawn cannot be sheathed until it kills."
    "custom texture hi" : "No Description"
    "makers mark id" : "Crafted by %s1"
    "unique craft index" : "No Description"
    "mod medic killed revenge" : "When the medic healing you is killed you"
    "medigun charge is megaheal" : "UberCharge increases healing by 300% and grants immunity to movement-impairing effects"
    "mod medic killed minicrit boost" : "When the medic healing you is killed"
    "mod medic healed damage bonus" : "While a medic is healing you,"
    "mod medic healed deploy time penalty" : "While not being healed by a medic,"
    "mod shovel speed boost" : "Move speed increases as the user becomes injured"
    "mod weapon blocks healing" : "Blocks healing while in use"
    "mult sniper charge after headshot" : "On Scoped Headshot: Rifle charge rate increased by %s1%"
    "minigun no spin sounds" : "Silent Killer: No barrel spin sound"
    "ubercharge rate bonus for healer" : "+%s1% UberCharge rate for the medic healing you"
    "reload time decreased while healed" : "%s1% faster reload time while being healed"
    "reload time increased hidden" : "%s1% slower reload time"
    "mod medic killed marked for death" : "When the medic healing you is killed"
    "mod rage on hit penalty" : "%s1% rage lost on hit"
    "mod rage on hit bonus" : "%s1% rage gained on hit"
    "mod rage damage boost" : "Gains a damage bonus as rage increases, up to %s1%"
    "mult charge turn control" : "+%s1% increase in turning control while charging"
    "no charge impact range" : "Can deal charge impact damage at any range"
    "charge impact damage increased" : "+%s1% increase in charge impact damage"
    "charge recharge rate increased" : "+%s1% increase in charge recharge rate"
    "air dash count" : "Grants Triple Jump: The third jump deals 10 damage when used"
    "speed buff ally" : "On Hit Ally: Boosts both players' speed for several seconds"
    "damage force reduction" : "%s1% reduction in push force taken from damage"
    "mult cloak rate" : "%s1 sec increase in time to cloak"
    "airblast functionality flags" : "No Description"
    "airblast pushback scale" : "+%s1% airblast push force"
    "mult airblast refire time" : "No Description"
    "airblast vertical pushback scale" : "No Description"
    "ammo becomes health" : "All ammo collected becomes health"
    "boots falling stomp" : "Deals 3x falling damage to the player you land on"
    "deflection size multiplier" : "Attrib_DeflectionSizeMultiplier"
    "set item tint RGB 2" : "Item tint color code: %s1"
    "saxxy award category" : "Winner: %s1 %s2"
    "melee bounds multiplier" : "No Description"
    "melee range multiplier" : "No Description"
    "mod mini-crit airborne deploy" : "Mini-crits airborne targets for %s1 seconds after being deployed"
    "projectile penetration" : "Projectiles penetrate enemy players"
    "mod crit while airborne" : "Deals crits while the wielder is rocket jumping"
    "mult sniper charge penalty DISPLAY ONLY" : "Base charge rate decreased by %s1%"
    "mod see enemy health" : "Allows you to see enemy health"
    "powerup max charges" : "Holds a maximum of %s1 charges"
    "powerup charges" : "Currently holds %s1 charges"
    "powerup duration" : "Each charge lasts %s1 seconds"
    "critboost" : "Consumable: Become Crit Boosted for 5 seconds"
    "ubercharge" : "Consumable: Become Ubercharged for 5 seconds"
    "cancel falling damage" : "Wearer never takes falling damage"
    "bidirectional teleport" : "Teleporters can be used in both directions"
    "multiple sentries" : "Attrib_MultipleSentries"
    "effect bar recharge rate increased" : "+%s1% increase in recharge rate"
    "maxammo grenades1 increased" : "+%s1% max misc ammo on wearer"
    "override projectile type" : "No Description"
    "energy weapon no ammo" : "Does not require ammo"
    "energy weapon charged shot" : "Alt-Fire: A charged shot that mini-crits"
    "energy weapon penetration" : "Projectile penetrates enemy targets"
    "energy weapon no hurt building" : "Deals only 20% damage to buildings"
    "energy weapon no deflect" : "Projectile cannot be deflected"
    "engy building health bonus" : "+%s1% max building health"
    "engy sentry damage bonus" : "+%s1% Sentry Gun damage bonus"
    "no crit boost" : "Cannot be crit boosted"
    "centerfire projectile" : "No Description"
    "kill eater score type" : "No Description"
    "kill eater score type 2" : "No Description"
    "kill eater 2" : "No Description"
    "has pipboy build interface" : "No Description"
    "sapper kills collect crits" : "Gives one guaranteed critical hit for each"
    "sniper only fire zoomed" : "Cannot fire unless zoomed"
    "mod ammo per shot" : "Per Shot: -%s1 ammo"
    "add onhit addammo" : "On Hit: damage dealt is returned as ammo"
    "electrical airblast DISPLAY ONLY" : "On Fire: Generates an electrical field that destroys"
    "mod use metal ammo type" : "Uses metal for ammo"
    "expiration date" : "This item will expire on %s1."
    "mod max primary clip override" : "No Description"
    "sniper full charge damage bonus" : "On Full Charge: +%s1% damage per shot"
    "sniper fires tracer DISPLAY ONLY" : "Fires tracer rounds"
    "sniper no headshot without full charge" : "No headshots when not fully charged"
    "mod no reload DISPLAY ONLY" : "No reload necessary"
    "sniper penetrate players when charged" : "On Full Charge: Projectiles penetrate players"
    "crit kill will gib" : "Killing an enemy with a critical hit will dismember your victim. Painfully."
    "recall" : "Consumable: Instantly teleport to spawn"
    "unlimited quantity" : "Unlimited use"
    "disable weapon hiding for animations" : "No Description"
    "applies snare effect" : "%s1% movement speed on targets"
    "uber duration bonus" : "Uber duration increased %s1 seconds"
    "refill_ammo" : "Consumable: Instantly refill all weapon clips and ammo"
    "store sort override DEPRECATED" : "No Description"
    "faster reload rate" : "+%s1% faster reload time"
    "increase buff duration" : "+%s1% buff duration"
    "robo sapper" : "Increased robot Sapper radius and duration"
    "build rate bonus" : "+%s1% faster build speed"
    "taunt is press and hold" : "No Description"
    "attack projectiles" : "Bullets destroy rockets and grenades in-flight"
    "accuracy scales damage" : "Accuracy scales damage"
    "currency bonus" : "+%s1% bonus currency from packs"
    "increased jump height" : "+%s1% greater jump height"
    "building instant upgrade" : "Consumable: Instantly upgrade all buildings to max level"
    "disable fancy class select anim" : "No Description"
    "airblast vulnerability multiplier" : "Attrib_AirBlastVulnerabilityMultipier"
    "override footstep sound set" : "No Description"
    "spawn with physics toy" : "No Description"
    "fish damage override" : "No Description"
    "special dsp" : "No Description"
    "bombinomicon effect on death" : "Explode spectacularly on death"
    "clip size bonus upgrade" : "+%s1% clip size"
    "hide enemy health" : "Unable to see enemy health"
    "subtract victim medigun charge on hit" : "On Hit: Victim loses %s1% Medigun charge"
    "subtract victim cloak on hit" : "On Hit: Victim loses %s1% cloak"
    "reveal cloaked victim on hit" : "On Hit Spy: Reveal cloaked Spy"
    "reveal disguised victim on hit" : "On Hit Spy: Reveal disguised Spy"
    "jarate backstabber" : "When backstabbed: Jarate attacker"
    "engy sentry fire rate increased" : "+%s1% sentry firing speed"
    "engy sentry radius increased" : "+%s1% sentry range"
    "engy dispenser radius increased" : "+%s1% dispenser range"
    "mod bat launches ornaments" : "Alt-Fire: Launches a festive ornament that shatters causing bleed"
    "freeze backstab victim" : "Backstab turns victim to ice"
    "fire rate penalty HIDDEN" : "No Description"
    "energy weapon no drain" : "No Description"
    "ragdolls become ash" : "No Description"
    "engy disposable sentries" : "Build +%s1 additional disposable-sentry"
    "alt fire teleport to spawn" : "On Alt-Fire: Teleport to spawn"
    "cannot pick up buildings" : "Cannot carry buildings"
    "stun enemies wielding same weapon" : "Stuns enemies who are also wielding this weapon"
    "airblast disabled" : "No airblast"
    "increase buff duration HIDDEN" : "No Description"
    "crit forces victim to laugh" : "Critical hit forces victim to laugh"
    "melts in fire" : "Melts in fire, regenerates after %s1 seconds"
    "damage all connected" : "All players connected via Medigun beams are hit"
    "become fireproof on hit by fire" : "On Hit by Fire: Become fireproof for %s1 seconds"
    "crit from behind" : "Always critical hit from behind"
    "crit does no damage" : "Critical hits do no damage"
    "add jingle to footsteps" : "Jingle all the way"
    "set icicle knife mode" : "No Description"
    "mod stun waist high airborne" : "On Hit: If enemy's belt is at or above eye level,"
    "extinguish earns revenge crits" : "Alt-Fire: Extinguish teammates to gain guaranteed critical hits"
    "burn damage earns rage" : "All fire damage charges 'Mmmph', activate to refill health and crit for several seconds"
    "tickle enemies wielding same weapon" : "On Hit: Force enemies to laugh who are also wearing this item"
    "attach particle effect static" : "Effect: %s1"
    "taunt success sound" : "Attrib_TauntSoundSuccess"
    "accepted wedding ring account id 1" : "A perpetual bond of commitment between %s1"
    "accepted wedding ring account id 2" : "and %s1, forever and ever and ever. XoXoX"
    "tool escrow until date" : "Usable After: %s1"
    "generate rage on damage" : "+%s1 rage on damage"
    "aiming no flinch" : "No flinching when aiming"
    "aiming knockback resistance" : "Knockback reduced by %s1% when aiming"
    "sniper aiming movespeed decreased" : "%s1% slower move speed when aiming"
    "kill eater user 1" : "No Description"
    "kill eater user score type 1" : "No Description"
    "kill eater user 2" : "No Description"
    "kill eater user score type 2" : "No Description"
    "kill eater user 3" : "No Description"
    "kill eater user score type 3" : "No Description"
    "strange part new counter ID" : "No Description"
    "mvm completed challenges bitmask" : "No Description"
    "rage on kill" : "Gain Focus on kills and assists"
    "kill eater kill type" : "No Description"
    "shot penetrate all players" : "Shots go through multiple enemies"
    "headshot damage increase" : "Headshots deal an extra +%s1% damage"
    "mystery solving time decrease" : "Reduces mystery solving time by up to %s1%"
    "damage penalty on bodyshot" : "%s1% damage on body shot"
    "sniper rage DISPLAY ONLY" : "Focus activates on Fire when Focus meter is full"
    "fire rate bonus HIDDEN" : "No Description"
    "explosive sniper shot" : "Increased headshot explosion radius and damage to nearby enemies"
    "melee attack rate bonus" : "+%s1% faster melee attack speed"
    "projectile penetration heavy" : "Bullets penetrate +%s1 enemies"
    "rage on assists" : "Attrib_RageGainOnAssists"
    "armor piercing" : "Allow backstabs against Giant Robots at %s1% damage"
    "cannot pick up intelligence" : "Wearer cannot carry the intelligence briefcase"
    "chance of hunger decrease" : "Reduces chance of hunger by up to %s1%"
    "cannot be backstabbed" : "Cannot be backstabbed"
    "squad surplus claimer id DEPRECATED" : "Squad surplus claimed by: %s1"
    "share consumable with patient" : "Using your Power Up Canteen will apply the same bonus effect to your heal target"
    "airblast vertical vulnerability multiplier" : "Attrib_AirBlastVerticalVulnerabilityMultipier"
    "vision opt in flags" : "No Description"
    "crit vs disguised players" : "100% critical hit vs disguised players"
    "crit vs non burning players" : "100% critical hit vs non-burning players"
    "kill forces attacker to laugh" : "On Kill: Burst into joyous laughter"
    "damage bonus while undisguised" : "+%s1% damage bonus while undisguised"
    "projectile spread angle penalty" : "+%s1 degrees random projectile deviation"
    "dmg taken increased" : "%s1% damage vulnerability on wearer"
    "auto fires full clip" : "Hold Fire to load up to three rockets"
    "self mark for death" : "You are marked for death while active, and for short period after switching weapons"
    "counts as assister is some kind of pet this update is going to be awesome" : "No Description"
    "mod flaregun fires pellets with knockback" : "Flare knocks back target on hit"
    "can overload" : "Overloading the chamber will cause a misfire"
    "hype on damage" : "On Hit: Builds Boost"
    "hype resets on jump" : "Boost resets on jump"
    "pyro year number" : "Witnessed the %s1 inferno"
    "no primary ammo from dispensers" : "Cannot collect ammo from dispensers"
    "pyrovision only DISPLAY ONLY" : "Only visible in Pyroland"
    "clip size penalty HIDDEN" : "No Description"
    "sapper damage bonus" : "+%s1% sapper damage bonus"
    "sapper damage penalty" : "%s1% sapper damage penalty"
    "sapper damage leaches health" : "+%s1 health regenerated per second for each active sapper"
    "sapper health bonus" : "%s1% sapper health bonus"
    "sapper health penalty" : "%s1% sapper health penalty"
    "ring of fire while aiming" : "Sustains a ring of flames while deployed"
    "uses ammo while aiming" : "%s1 ammo consumed per second while deployed"
    "sapper degenerates buildings" : "Reverses enemy building construction"
    "sapper damage penalty hidden" : "No Description"
    "cleaver description" : "Throw at your enemies to make them bleed!"
    "ragdolls plasma effect" : "No Description"
    "crit vs stunned players" : "100% critical hit vs stunned players"
    "crit vs wet players" : "100% critical hit vs wet players"
    "override item level desc string" : "No Description"
    "clip size upgrade atomic" : "+%s1 clip size"
    "major move speed bonus" : "No Description"
    "major increased jump height" : "No Description"
    "head scale" : "Disables double jump"
    "pyrovision opt in DISPLAY ONLY" : "On Equip: Visit Pyroland"
    "halloweenvision opt in DISPLAY ONLY" : "No Description"
    "halloweenvision filter DISPLAY ONLY" : "No Description"
    "player skin override" : "No Description"
    "never craftable" : "No Description"
    "zombiezombiezombiezombie" : "No Description"
    "merasmus hat level display ONLY" : "Killed Merasmus at level %s1"
    "CARD: damage bonus" : "+%s1% damage bonus"
    "CARD: dmg taken from bullets reduced" : "+%s1% bullet damage resistance on wearer"
    "CARD: move speed bonus" : "+%s1% faster move speed on wearer"
    "CARD: health regen" : "+%s1 health regenerated per second on wearer"
    "SPELL: set item tint RGB" : "%s1"
    "SPELL: set Halloween footstep type" : "%s1"
    "SPELL: Halloween voice modulation" : "Voices From Below"
    "SPELL: Halloween pumpkin explosions" : "Pumpkin Bombs"
    "SPELL: Halloween green flames" : "Halloween Fire"
    "SPELL: Halloween death ghosts" : "Exorcism"
    value(float) : "Value (%s1)" : : "The value which affects the attribute chosen."
    duration(float) : "Duration" : : "The duration of the attribute in seconds. Unused if attribute is being removed. Values of 0 or less add the attribute for as long as the player is touching the trigger."

    Once you've done this, make the brush a "trigger_Add_or_remove_player_attribute" like what Freyja posted.

    Finally, in the attribute enter "torso scale" with whatever value you want- value is how tall it will make them, and duration -1 so it lasts forever. "hand scale" is what you use for hands. "head scale" doesn't work, FYI.

    One last thing- you aren't able to remove attributes unless the player dies or you use a tf_remove_condition
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  4. Pocket

    aa Pocket func_croc

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    Amigara Fault April Fool's map?
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  5. Diva Dan

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  6. Officer Ushanka ツ

    Officer Ushanka ツ L1: Registered

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    Will this work for people who are playing on the map that don't have that code in the base file?
  7. Freyja

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    Yes the code is just to make the entity more useable in hammer
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  8. Officer Ushanka ツ

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    Oh yay! This opens alot of different opportunity in maps!

    (Also some effects still persist after death like firing speed. I'm not sure how to remove them)
  9. Micnax

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    Just have a trigger brush in the respawn room that'll remove all the effects :)
  10. Freyja

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    Removing attributes using the trigger unsurprisingly doesn't work
  11. Diva Dan

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    You have to use a trigger_remove_tf_player_condition strangely enough
  12. Izotope

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    Seriously, that's a thing?
    That trigger is supposed to remove conditions, not attributes...
  13. Diva Dan

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