How do multiple spawns rooms work in pl maps

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Jun 4, 2018
While testing the map I couldn't find a way to specify which spawn room the team should spawn in. When I tried to tinker with it, I caused either team to be able to spawn in the red one, even though it is clearly marked red. How would I make a completely new spawnpoint that only works for a specific section of the map.
Edit: Such as I cap point #1. How do I move the blu team up and the red team back.
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Mar 31, 2012
Both teams will use any enabled spawn location if the game can't find one for them. What you want to do is have the spawns enable and disable when the point is capped.

Something like
OnCapTeam3 BluSpawn1 disable
OnCapTeam3 BluSpawn2 Enable
OnCapTeam3 RedSpawn1 disable
OnCapTeam3 RedSpawn2 enable

You also want to have a game_forcerespawn entity and use ForceTeamRespawn for blu(team3) and red(team2) so anyone in any previous spawnrooms moves to the new ones. Also be sure to disable the doors to old spawn rooms and only enable doors to new ones when they are active. Same with respawnroomvisualisers.