How do I test my maps without help from the TF2Maps community?

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Jun 5, 2018
I was banned about 2 years ago now before I was ToS age from the server most likely from some sort of unintended triggering content. (From what remember it was some sort of negative comment on polyamorous relationships.) I am now all this time later really feeling that desire to continue my mapping journey where I left off and really want to get the maps I am now working on tested.

I was wondering if anyone in these forums would know how else I could get map testing in a similar fashion to this server, or at least something I could get a lot of data out of, thanks!

(P.S. sorry if this post is misplaced I really needed to ask this question.)


The "raw" in "nodraw"
Jun 1, 2009
The competitive community has testing initiatives of their own but that may not be the crowd you're after.

I've had success with community servers that have regular players. If you can become one of the regular, people are generally open to try new maps. But you have to legitimately become part of that community, otherwise you're just some random dude trying to push their map onto people.

Last suggestion is to start your own server, get a steam group and organize your own tests. That's a lot of work but we've seen it working in the past. You may have better success if you partner with other mappers.
Ideally, with mappers who have enough good grace on tf2m to be able to solicit tf2m announcements, but pretend I didn't say this.