How do I randomly set the owner of the cp when the match starts?

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    I am trying to make a gamemode which has two cps in two mid points. At the start of the match, the owner of each cp is randomly chosen so that blue and red has one cp each. The team who controls both points becomes a winner.

    But here's the thing.
    'Randomly set the owner on restart' does not seem to work. How do I use this function? It never seems to change the default owner even when the default owner is set to Neither.

    So I tried a different method. This is how I tried to do:
    I used logic_case to randomly select two possible cases: (blu, red) and (red, blu)
    then I triggered logic_case with logic_auto with OnMultiNewRound
    logic_case triggers and sets the owner of cps with this: OnCase1 -> cp_A -> SetOwner -> 2 (or 3 for blue)
    I know logic_case is properly triggered because I can see the skin of control point plate(the metal plate) changed. But the owner of cp never seems to change.

    How do I get this work?