How do I make skybox the barrier of a map?

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Oct 15, 2018
Sorry if it's a dumb questio but some maps I saw yesterday had a skybox as a map barrier/boundary and I was just wondering how to do it without weird visual glitches or loss of projectiles whilst keeping the immersion of the map theme.


Sep 23, 2011
The skybox does exactly that by default, acts as a barrier.

What you want is not the actual skybox tho. You want clipping brushes to prevent the player from entering out of bounds areas.

The Asylum

The Clown Prince of Mapping
Apr 5, 2008
If you want a solid barrier with props but don't want players getting caught up in their collision meshes, or if they have no collision mesh, overlap them with a nodraw brush. If you just want players to not get across something with no visible barrier in front of them, use a playerclip brush