How do I make forward spawns? (like cp_coldfront)

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    I'm making a 5cp map that (if I get it working) will have forward spawns. I only want these to activate when mid is capped for the team that did it, and then deactivate the regular spawns until mid is un-capped by the team. I tried doing spawn with CP but then the team either spawned in the original spawn or both when mid was capped. I want the forward spawns to always be available but only spawn when mid is capped. Help?
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    Copy all the logic for your original spawn that you'll need: Visualiser, door, spawn points and respawnroom. Name your spawnpoints and door's trigger. Make those two start disabled, and on the capture point's trigger_capture_zone you want them to be enabled on, do OnCapTeamX spawn2_* (I've put a wildcard here so you only need 1 input) Enable, and when you want them to be disabled, OnCapTeamX spawn2_* Disable. You can also put a trigger_teleport linking to an info_teleport_destination in your back spawn so players don't get stuck in the forward spawn