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    this is a stupid question for someone like me to ask but how do you get featured?

    are there requirements? do i need to be a member for so many years? do i need to make a popular map?

    p.s check out my new koth map! any and all feed back is gratly needed!
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    If you made a map for TF2 maps that contains all the work and quality into making something that can be enjoyed by the majority of all TF2 players, your map will be listed on the featured bar as long as the site admins believe it is worth featuring. Ex. A map that got into the game or featured in a big showcase may be listed on the Featured list.

    Featured maps mostly well known to the community and lots of changes are seen as the map is updated and improved. (Meaning alpha maps won't get featured)
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    Maps are showcased because for their quality. A map that looks really good and plays really well stands a good chance of being showcased. It doesn't necessarily have to be finished, but it should be mid-late beta at the very earliest. (In other words, a presentable state)

    Maps that are made official are automatically added to the showcase too.
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