how do i cut shapes out of a wall

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too many fives

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Jul 3, 2019
im making a stone wall on my map and a want a part in the middle cut out so you can see through it, but the clipping tool cant make shapes like a rectangle, so how do I cut that part out?

[Tryhards] YannYann123

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Sep 5, 2015
you can click on the clipping tool again to alter it's effect: when you use it, one half will be shown as red and the other as white. This means the red half will be deleted and the white part will stay. Clicking on the clipping tool you can make both sides white so they both stay. Simply clip again and again until you have the desired shape and then click on and delete the rectangle you made.


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Jul 6, 2019
Click on the object you want, then hit the clipping tool (The square cut into a slope) and draw a line on the maximum height you want the rectangle to be. Keep clicking it until both sides of the line are white, then hit enter. Now, click the selector tool, and clipping tool again. This time, make the line on one side of your rectangle, and again, you want all white on both sides. Finally, repeat step 2, but for the other side, click the selector tool (and make sure you're selecting solids instead of groups), and click the rectangle you made. From there, hit delete, and you have a rectangular hole