How do I configure dynamic lights?

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The Tiny Desk Engineer

L1: Registered
Jul 19, 2021
I've been trying to find what all the keyvalues on the light_dynamic entity are used for over the course of at least a year, but the valve developer community wiki isn't very good at explaining what exactly the keyvalues do. I can't find any other documentation on the entity.


eternally tired
Nov 5, 2014
They're a little finicky - what do you want to use light_dynamic for anyway? Its uses are quite limited.


Naylte ven, naylte yen.
Nov 14, 2009
Yeah, the only thing I'm aware you can do with them is make them move. Like either parented to a path_track or rotating on their pivot. If I'm not mistaken, it's the same entity they used for the flashlights in GoldSrc games, which means it looks just as crappy. If you want lights that can just turn on and off, the regular light entities are already capable of that.