How do I bundle custom textures with a map?

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    Update: VIDE! Thanks Crash.

    Hello, it's me again with another most likely painfully obvious question with a painfully obvious answer that I'm probably missing. I'll keep this short and sweet:

    I made a few custom textures for my map. They work just fine, the .vmt's and .vtf's are made correctly and they show correctly when I run the map. However, when I upload the map to the server (by taking the .bsp and compressing it into a .bz2), the custom textures (and the custom textures alone) show to other people as the purple and black checkers. I'm assuming they need to download the textures, so how do I bundle the map and the textures? Is this something for the download server, or can I simply put all the .vmt's and .vtf's in the .bz2? Thanks for reading this, and thanks for helping.
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    You need to pack your custom content into the bsp. A program called VIDE is what I personally use, but everyone has their own personal preference.
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