how do i avoid overlapping brushes

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    so i read on some guide that having brushes that overlap is bad. i usually tried to avoid that, but how can i do it when working with arches and platforms?
    so far ive just clipped the brushes so that the edges are hidden in the walls of the arch, like this:


    is there a better way?
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    It's not really an issue. There are minor differences depending on how or when you overlap brushes but in general don't worry about it.

    (in that case, I would have made a cylinder that would then match the arch perfectly, rather than chopping a square up)
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    One thing to watch out for when overlapping is maxing out your waterindices. Keep an eye on it in your compile logs.

    In your photos it looks like your arch is off the grid but I don't know what grid size view you're at in the photo. If the arch is on the grid, use the points to cut along perfectly parallel to the arch sides. Like this:


    If you keep brushes on the grid, you can cut them so they are flush with other brushes without having to overlap them.
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    Yeah, it looks like the arch was drawn as a circle and then stretched out to the size it is now, judging by the uneven thickness of its walls. Don't do that.